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We are a boutique agency & are quite happy with our current client base.

Our decision to not grow further was not based on money.
We like making money : )
We have SEO leads from Attorneys, Landscapers, Non Profits, Plumbers, Health Clubs, Long Term Care Providers – basically a grab bag full of internet marketing related leads. The SEO leads almost always convert into an up-sell of Web Design Leads, Reputation Management Leads and PPC Leads. Everyone is always interested in additional services.

We did all of the hard work
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    • All Leads are verified

      Yes, we called each one and made sure all of the information is legit so you don't have to waste time dealing with dead leads
    • The Premium SEO Leads have had a 30 min consult

      The Premium Leads have had a 30 min consultation about how they currently rank organically and more importantly a complete competitive analysis of how they stand on Google. When you talk to them, they are fully informed about how their current position is and then all you need to do is come to the rescue!
    • SEO or related service

      All Leads are people that expressed interested in SEO or related service such as Reputation Management or Web Design
    • SEO Leads have been cleaned

      We will work hard to clean each lead to make sure it converts at the best possible rate for you. They will be prepped and ready to buy after your slick closing skills :)
    • The Premium SEO Leads

      The Premium Leads have been told of the budget and marketing packages so there is no sticker shock when you tell ….yeaaaaaa its $3000 a month

Our model is fresh ,

new & specifically for YOU

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  • Where do you get your SEO leads?

    Buy SEO Leads is a boutique SEO agency with an excess of leads. Rather than scale up to meet the demand for leads that the agency has generated, Buy SEO Leads prefers to share excess leads with companies that are ideally suited for them. The success of the agency is the main reason for such an excess of leads, and Buy SEO Leads is more than happy with its current size: the decision not to scale up has to do with a commitment to our current client base. Many agencies would take the opportunity to hire more agents and expand their operations to try and bring in more profit. This expansion can sometimes compromise the service because agents become overworked with so many clients. At Buy SEO Leads, our model is based on quality over quantity, and we will not compromise. Lead generation at Buy SEO Leads is accomplished through standard digital marketing initiatives. Some of these initiatives include email marketing, business partnerships, networking, and A/B testing. All of the qualified leads available through Buy SEO Leads require immediate internet marketing services, and are interested in procuring a marketing agency. Matching up these two interested parties is the Buy SEO Leads service in a nutshell.
  • How do you verify your leads?

    Lead verification is a slow process that must be done with care. When a new client approaches the agency for SEO services, an agent will conduct the standard initial verification process. The agent will contact each lead to ensure that there is nothing mysterious or illegitimate about their business practices. Once this information has been verified, the agent will turn to the needs of the business. If they require an extensive amount of SEO work and have the budget to back it up, then they can become qualified leads. Every qualified lead will receive a competitive analysis of their organic search ranking scores. An agent will undertake this research, and then conduct a 30-minute phone consultation with a contact from the interested party. The purpose of this conversation is to assess what exactly they could benefit from SEO work. The agent will ask general questions about their business, as well as conduct a detailed investigation into their marketing initiatives. When it comes to business concerns, our agents inquire after year-end financial numbers and projected sales/growth in the upcoming year to ensure the client has sufficient revenue for SEO services. Once this has been covered, the exciting stuff can begin. When it comes to marketing questions, the agent will focus on all areas of digital marketing strategy. Buy SEO Leads needs to know what market strategies have been used, what kind of success they experienced with their marketing endeavors, what they hope to achieve going forward, and how large the budget is. Once this has been established, the agent will go into details regarding the competitive analysis. This analysis includes an assessment of current organic search ranking, a breakdown of where traffic is coming from and how long people are staying on their site, and a list of keywords that could help to drive more traffic. The conversation will end with a list of what needs to be done to improve SEO scores, and how much it will cost. Upon the conclusion of the phone conversation, the interested party with has an excellent idea of their current position and a thorough understanding of what needs to be done to improve it.
  • What industries do you cover?

    Buy SEO Leads covers a wide variety of industries. The success as a boutique agency means that a number of leads come from businesses that were recommended to the agency. Buy SEO Leads cover the following industries:
    • Law Firms
    • Landscape Companies
    • Non-Profit Organizations
    • Personal Care (gyms, health clubs)
    • Medical care (including retirement homes)
    • … and more!
    As long as the potential client has a digital presence and a desire to improve it, Buy SEO Leads can help. The importance of having a strong digital presence is not lost on any business, no matter the industry. In fact, many qualified leads come from industries with historically poor digital presence. This represents an opportunity for them to break ahead of the field and capture a majority of the organic search traffic. All it takes is a committed 12-month plan from an agency with the tools to consistently improve SEO scores. These qualified leads are well aware of the financial benefits to getting high SEO scores, so it is only a matter of an agency putting together a plan and executing it.
  • What if I work in an industry I don't see on your list?

    Buy SEO Leads can still help if you do not work in any of the industries listed above. No matter the industry, no matter the size or scope of the agency, Buy SEO Leads will still be able to provide qualified leads that are ready and willing to invest in SEO services. Individuals and agencies are encouraged to contact Buy SEO Leads today for a more comprehensive list of the quality leads on offer. Making initial contact with Buy SEO Leads is helpful because the list of leads changes week-by-week. It is best to provide a list of preferences to an agent at Buy SEO Leads, because when a qualified lead appears that matches your preference the agent will contact you directly. It’s this kind of personal touch that makes Buy SEO Leads a leader in the field.
  • Am I sharing these leads with other companies?

    Buy SEO Leads works on a one-to-one basis. They are interested in matching up qualified leads with an agency or individual that can provide SEO services. That means there is no sharing of leads across agencies. Once a lead has been sold to you, it is never sold again. They become your client for all SEO-related services. All the qualified leads at Buy SEO Leads are prepared to invest in website optimization to improve their organic search rankings - you will find that very little convincing is needed.
  • What kinds of companies will benefit from these leads?

    Most of the qualified leads represent excellent up-sell opportunities because they require a variety of digital services. Many have poor websites that are hard to navigate and contain value-less content (from a digital marketing perspective). These businesses will need a complete overhaul of their digital presence, including an advertisement campaign to accompany the change in branding. Buy SEO Leads make it clear to each qualified lead that improving overall digital presence requires more than just excellent SEO work. They highlight the important SEO-related areas to that need some attention first and then point out that SEO is part of a larger package that includes quality web development, graphic design, and more. So if you are a digital marketing company, SEO company, website or graphic design firm, online reputation management, advertising agency, or web development company, then you can benefit from these leads.
  • How do I know if these are the right leads for my company?

    Buy SEO Leads will ensure that the leads offered to your company represent a good opportunity. Most lead companies will spend little time considering the compatibility of a lead with a marketing agency. They believe that all they have to do is connect an interested lead with a solid company that can provide digital services. More often than not, this kind of oversight will have a negative impact on both the lead and the company offering its services. If expectations are not clearly set from the beginning, there is ample room for misunderstanding. One side will always feel like they did not get what they deserve. Buy SEO Leads does not make any quick decisions with their leads. The agents at Buy SEO Leads know that it is in their best interest to match a digital company with the right kind of high-qualified lead. They like to be informed about the kinds of agencies they work with, and take pleasure in helping their colleagues out. Leads are guaranteed at Buy SEO Leads because they take the time to find the right fit for your company.
  • Where do I start?

    Contact Buy SEO Leads by requesting information through the website. An agent will be happy to inform you of the business model that has made Buy SEO Leads one of the most effective and reputable lead companies on the market today. If you want to speak to someone immediately, you can call 1-844-BUY- SEOLEADS anytime around the clock for a list of qualified leads.