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Privacy Policy

General Agreement

By agreeing to buy leads from SEO you acknowledge that SEO Leads is in no way responsible for your success in generating money from these leads. SEO L eads simply acknowledges that the leads are from an actual person and that the a ctual contact information is correct. Your ability to turn these leads into sale s is your responsibility and you agree to this stipulation no matter how many le ad(s) you purchase from SEO

Refund Policy

Due to the fact that our leads are referral leads from other companies that we h ave worked with in the past, we know from experience that the overall quality of our leads is very good. We also know that there is a huge margin in the differe nce between what we are selling our leads for compared to the money that an aver age close will bring to you. Therefore, it is not possible for us to issue any r efunds. In extreme circumstances a refund may be possible but we will have to ca ll the lead and verify that it was a bogus lead and that it would have been impo ssible to get any money out of that lead. We know that even if you close a very small amount of these leads you will be profitable. Again, these are referral le ads who are already interested so we have a 99% no refund policy.