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We grew A LOT in the last 3 years.
We have leads we can't service
Now they are YOURS

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  • Premium SEO Leads
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The Glengarry Leads

We are a boutique agency and are quite happy with our current client base. Our decision to not grow further was not based on money. We like making money : )

We have SEO leads from Attorneys, Landscapers, Non Profits, Plumbers, Health Clubs, Long Term Care Providers – basically a grab bag full of internet marketing related leads. The SEO leads almost always convert into an up-sell of Web Design Leads, Reputation Management Leads and PPC Leads. Everyone is always interested in additional services.


We did all of the hard work so you don't have to

  1. All Leads are verified

    Yes, we called each one and made sure all of the information is legit so you don't have to waste time dealing with dead leads

  2. The Premium SEO Leads have had a 30 min consult

    The Premium Leads have had a 30 min consultation about how they currently rank organically and more importantly a complete competitive analysis of how they stand on Google. When you talk to them, they are fully informed about how their current position is and then all you need to do is come to the rescue!

  3. SEO or related service

    All Leads are people that expressed interested in SEO or related service such as Reputation Management or Web Design

  4. SEO Leads have been cleaned

    We will work hard to clean each lead to make sure it converts at the best possible rate for you. They will be prepped and ready to buy after your slick closing skills :)

  5. The Premium SEO Leads

    The Premium Leads have been told of the budget and marketing packages so there is no sticker shock when you tell ….yeaaaaaa its $3000 a month


Our model is fresh , new and specifically for YOU